Work Life Balance?

Today’s work is becoming more dynamic and people are getting less and less rest, which makes them increasingly inefficient and stressed.

Sport Skills offers an individually developed Work Life Balance program for each company.

The focus of the program is a balance between the WORK and the PERSONAL LIFE of your employees. We help your company achieve a more flexible workspace.

Our program is highly effective because:

  • We know WHY?
  • We know what kind of questions to ask; Rich palette of activities and methods
  • We know what to offer as a deal for our employees and the company
  • We know how we will run the program
  • We know how to give feedback to the company by evaluating the event

We have practical experience and knowledge of the whole project. Your employees will take control of their own balance WORK + PERSONAL LIFE through the flexibility of your organization and will do their best in the workplace.

What is a WLB program?

The program consists of several modules that can be adapted to the needs of your employees and your corporate social culture. Our team will work with you in defining the right services and products needed to meet your corporate needs.

Want to raise the spirit of your company? Do you want to create different initiatives or make a change in your organization’s culture and business strategy?



Мodule 1: Sports


Annual open program for all companies wishing to participate. The module includes:

Sports training: Skiing, Tennis, Swimming, Squash, Boxing and more.

Indoor tournaments: Bowling, Table tennis, Carting, Paintball, Bow and others.
Sports Initiatives: Rafting, Mountain Trekking, Bicycling and more.




Моdule 2: Health

Health Day: Massages, Health meals, Meditation, Rehabilitation, Sports and more.

Stress release sessions with psychologist: Different themes






Моdule 3: Friends and Family

This module creates inter-company clubs of interest, for more united teams, as well as the provision of a Summer City Camp for the employees’ children in order to be more relaxed and efficient in the working environment.

Summer City Camp: For Children of Employees

Interest Clubs: Club Mother, Club Father, Tourists Club and Bicycle Club..etc.





Мodule 4: Volunteer and charity campaigns


An employee is even more fulfilling when he feels useful!

Volunteer campaigns: Easter bazaar, donation of unnecessary items, help to needy





Моdule 5: Working vacation

Break the notions of a job for your employees! Through the “Work Package” module you will make your employees feel as if they are on holiday while they work!

Their creativity will surely increase!

Workplace Outside: Can you work outside the office?






Achieving a reasonable balance between work and private life is not only a matter of creating an attractive work environment, but it is also crucial for increasing employee productivity over time.


For Employees:

  • Increasing tone and working capacity
  • Social contact, teamwork and teamwork in the company
  • Increased motivation
  • Dealing with stress and overload
  • Healthy and balanced lifestyle

For the Company

  • Improving Employee Performance
  • Commitment to teamwork
  • Positive effect on employee retention
  • Improving the corporate social environment
  • Improving financial results
  • Making workflow flexible as part of business strategy and culture


The program can be developed individually for each company and may include:

  • Full management of the organization
  • New suggestions
  • Innovation in the workflow
  • Creating and building new skills
  • An experienced team of specialists with a pedagogical approach to the participants
  • Strategy and convenient format for event implementation
  • Conveniently execution venue
  • Option for practicing the training (at module sport)
  • Flexible payment options
  • Event Feedback Poll