Work Of Art

Creative expression is a game in which each team has to dive into the world of art.

Every day in our work, each of us contributes to the company’s overall vision. The purpose of this task is how step by step, day after day, we draw a stroke of the common vision and identity of the company we work in.

Each participant makes periodic touches on one or more canvases with a set direction of creativity, improvisation is at the core of the task.

The result is more than surprising.



The goal of the game is to make each participant understand its significance and see how his feelings and thoughts lay on a common picture.

He will understand that creative thinking, creativity and spontaneity are key moments in creating something beautiful and worthwhile.

When we work, create and think together in a team, the result always exceeds our expectations.

2-3 hours

Outdoor / Indoor

min. 10 participants – unlimited