offers the opportunity for participants to cope differently on the brink of survival – which requires rapid decision-making and task execution for the shortest time. At the beginning of the program the participants are divided into tribes in which they need to choose their chief (leader) and honor the great Dagger, which stores the Iron Lamp.

Each tribe receives a map showing the venues for the races. Competitions are the same for all, but the tribes themselves choose how to get to the place and deal with the challenges ahead. Each test has different difficulty and duration, but for a certain time. The leader of the tribe must choose and group the participants of the tribe in different trials.



Тeamwork is a leading factor in this activity. The goal of the game is for all participants to feel their contribution – as a fraction of the total work they are doing in the company they are working on.

Co-operation, perseverance and diligence are the basis for achieving the overall result.


2-3 hours

Open Space

min. 10 participants – unlimited