On the Vlahi River – an indescribable adventure filled with adrenaline.

The Vlahi River is hidden from the road leading to the village of the same name, so to our destination – the six waterfalls, we have to walk. There is no room for going back after going down to the first waterfall. Following are trolley, rappel, jumping in the waters of the waterfalls, descending on a natural water slide and so as we go out of the last waterfall.

If you decide to try canyoning, we offer you a professional guide. There are various programs that the organizers know very well about the areas where the activities are taking place. They will explain in detail what to do and take care of your safety.

Since the canyoning is an extreme sport, instructors will also provide you with the necessary equipment – helmet, rope, neoprene, life jacket and climbing equipment that you will need to run a rape.



The goal of the game is to make all participants feel adrenaline, teamwork, and security. Collaboration, perseverance and diligence are the basis for achieving the overall result.

2-4 hours


min 10-25 participants