Why do we need team building?  The right formula of success!

The concept of Sport Skills for team building is not just the ability to get a group of people to deal with a specific task, it is the art of creating a connection between them, finding a common language, common themes and interests, getting to know themselves as a person in the real world, not just the workplace.

Team building is a strong employee retention mechanism and a successful model proven over the years.


The activities should be carefully selected, not underestimated. A situation where the query appears in the option: “Would you please send me some activities …” is frivolous and unacceptable! The idea of ​​making an adequate proposal to meet the needs of the company and making the right choice has a much deeper meaning. Before the goal of team building is clarified, it is difficult to reach the right concept.

Vision of SPORT SKILLS: Service and quality of service. Implementation with an experienced and trained team, optimal cost of services.

Much of the work of the Sports Skills team is aimed at increasing employee efficiency, engaging in teamwork, specific team-building approaches and coaching to teams and their managers, training with specific themes.

Sport skills is licensed Touroperator and has the advantage of offering a COMPLEX SERVICE that includes:







We have to survive! Creative and dynamic outdoor program. There is an opportunity to take place in forest, mountainous terrain or on the beach. It consists of tests that require precise thought, ambition and creative thinking. Just like the TV SHOW the participants will face difficulties in surviving! An extremely useful team game.


Olympic Games


A program that includes real sports disciplines tailored to the participants’ abilities. The ambition to be the winner is embedded in each one of us – it is a sufficient lead factor for a participant’s request



Auto World


The creativity of the team is at the heart of success. Unlock your imagination to invent the best car. Every detail is important! Together we can do more. 




Water World


The program is evolving in the future, where the whole world is a wilderness due to global warming. People have been divided into groups: eco-communities living in well-guarded atolls, pirates monopolized by small fuel stocks and lone sailors sailing in search of trade.


Eco systems


Animals begin to disappear! What would you do to save them? Think global with your team!. Extremely dynamic, strategic program requiring activity from the entire team.






The Farm


A truly fun and useful program – Back to the roots, combined with goodness, sensation, work and sense of help in agriculture. Participants will have the opportunity to touch on farm life and to experience the difficulties in producing production and breeding animals.





One team – one goal


Creative and dynamic activity combined for indoor and outdoor performance. It consists of several parts that include creative part, racing elements, teamwork and fun games. An extremely useful team program that will bring a lot of emotion to the participants.







If you have never heard of this type of extreme sport and still wonder what it is, the canoeing is a combination of different activities. It is often compared to rafting, but without a boat. These activities include rape downhill, rock jumping and swimming. It is an extreme sport, which you can enjoy with colleagues and friends.





The Big Picture


In this creative team building program, the team will work together to paint their own section of a large masterpiece. Assisted by a professional artist to help along the way, each guest will paint an image which when put together will form one enormous masterpiece, a perfect way to brighten up the office!



 In the name of the cause

We can make the world better place! Together the team can help the people in need and warm their hearts! A charity program, which helps not only team to stand together, but can bring happiness in other`s people day!




Uti`s Big Pan


The magic of food is in the delicious products, in the big smile that Uti infects and of course in the desire of the participants to learn new culinary techniques, the subtleties in the preparation of certain products and the pleasure to eat fresh freshly prepared food.



Dancing Stars


Beak the ice, boost the team spirit and enthusiasm! Learn new steps and have a lot of fun! Unite and work in harmony 1,2,3 STEP!





Beer Yoga


Take in a deep breath, breath out the stress of everyday life, while balancing and stretching…with beer in your hands! Sounds great? It is very fun and relaxing doing Beer Yoga with the team! Enjoy!








Work Of Art


Accurate communication and collaboration are the keys to success, so teams do not have to be artistic to participate. Will the team succeed? All will be revealed in the final unveiling!