What is Sport Q ?

This is an INTERMEDIATE SPORT PROGRAM, which is an additional BONUS to your employees, which gives access to certain Sports Events, one in each quarter of the year. We know that three things are necessary for the effective organization of each event:

Good organization, team of professionals and participants.

What are those events?

Specially developed sports programs tailored to the seasons, conditions and opportunities of the participants. These may take the form of Training, Interfirm Tournaments or Sports Activity (not requiring specific skills of participants)

And what are the requirements for participation and payment methods to include participants from our company?

The requirement to participate is an authorized person from the company to confirm that its employees will take part.

Form of payment:

The bonus you can make for your employees is to pay the participation fee at 100% per participant or partially, as a shared cost (50% pay the employee, 50% pay the company)

The program does not require a minimum number of participants from each company.

Would you tell us what events You have planned for 2018?

Planned events are as followed:

Q1 February:             Ski or Snowboard Training and Interfirm Competition

Q2 June:                    Tennis Training

Q3 July:                      Hiking Groups

Q4 September:          Carting Tournament and Mini football tournament            


What offers Sport Skills?

  • Full management of the organization
  • An experienced team of specialists with a pedagogical approach to the participants
  • Suitable format for execution
  • Suitable place for execution, tailored with your Corporate culture
  • Flexibility for payment
  • Next level of training


Sport Q is an open-ended program. Welcomes all the companies wishing to join their employees and does not require a minimum number of participants from one company.


When the sports and work have the same goal…


BENEFITS for the company:

  • Improving Employee Performance
  • Commitment to teamwork
  • Positive effect on employee retention
  • Improving the corporate social environment
  • Improving financial results

BENEFITS for the employees:

  •  Increasing the energy and working capacity
  •  Social contact, teamwork and good communication in the company
  •  Increasing motivation
  •  Dealing with stress and burn-out
  •  Healthy and balanced lifestyle