The main reason for success in the business environment is the training of the personnel in it. With our training, you will improve your business climate, achieve better team efficiency and higher production results.

Development of sales teams

The training improves the commercial skills of key account managers and consultants, also their product presentation skills, develops customer-centric behavior, and an approach to identifying their needs.
  • How do we increase the effectiveness of our sales team?
  • Principles for building sales teams – why are the sales teams not like the others?
  • Team management through goals – how do we do it in practice?
  • Motivation of traders – what are the lessons of successful practice?



Sales and customer service

The training improves the sales skills, presents the principles of preparation and successful sales, develops customer-oriented behavior, as well as an approach to identifying its needs, offers strategies for market research and for working with difficult customers.

  • Current issues related to customer service
  • Customer service guidance
  • The specifics of the business
  • Individual training of the participants in the training
  • The positions occupied by learners


Communicative and presentation skills

The aim of the training is to learn how to plan and conduct successful presentations, properly structure their content, monitor and manage the audience’s attention, learn to work properly with visualization tools. It presents the basic principles of interpersonal communication, develops skills to work with different types of audiences and to cope with stage fever.

  • Presentation planning and presentation
  • Adaptation to the audience
  • Selection of approaches presentation


 Building Teams

The training is based on the “Learning by experience” principle. Practical case studies and exercises are included in the learning process. The aim is to acquire basic knowledge of teamwork, team formation and development. Training builds skills for:

  • Creating a favorable and motivating work environment
  • Efficiently cast roles
  • Identify the key qualities of the participants
  • Building good coordination
  • Creating the opportunity for continuity and interchangeability in critical situations


Facilitation and mediation


Facilitation is a process that enables you to identify what a particular group of people is thinking about a particular topic and to find solutions to the problems that have arisen. This is a technology used in seminars, business meetings, conflict environments, and strategic negotiations. Facilitation helps to create a space where important or key decisions can be made.

Mediation is a matter of common sense and good psychological skills combined with diplomacy and legal knowledge. This is a system of conflict resolution, with psychological, diplomatic and legal techniques, with a third independent assistant (mediator).