Let Us organize Your Company party or Christmas party



We guarantee you original themedness, good mood, saved nerves and happy colleagues.
We believe that the emotional ties between an organization and its employees play a key role in creating a successful long-term business.

A concept that includes fun games organized by professional leaders who engage the participants. A sequence of activities that break the ice between the attendees and prepare them for an unbelievable dance party.

Sports Skills offers you a choice of:

  • Appropriate venue
  • Концепция за вечерта
  • DJ program
  • Dance and a music group to make you happy
  • Fun games to laugh at with heart and soul and break the ice

… and many other ideas that will contribute to your unique evening experience.


Our main goal in organizing this kind of event is for the guests to be able to entertain together in an informal environment, to find common interests and language to facilitate their communication and at the workplace.


What distinguishes us is that we add to the event innovation, creative themes, a perfect organization, a lot of energy and passion, as we really have fun with the program participants.


We are waiting for you!